How do I enter the competition?

On the main menu of our website you will see a links which says “Competitions”. Click that and you will be taken to the entry form.

Stage 1 is to answer the competition question by typing your answer in the box.

Stage 2 is to select the number of entries you require. Please remember that these are entries, not attempts to answer the competition question correctly. If your answer is wrong, you will not be able to try again unless you purchase more entries. You will see the question before you choose to enter but you cannot find out if you are right or wrong until after you have purchased your entries.

Stage 3 is to complete your details on the entry form and pay the entry fee. You will need to tick the box to confirm that you accept our terms and conditions. You can read them by clicking here

There is also a free entry route available. To enter for free, send your name, address, telephone number, email address and answer to the competition question to us at the following address:

All Star Competitions
6 River Road,
Limerick City
V94 YW8D

Entries must be submitted via registered post. Bulk entries are not accepted and if received will count as one single entry. If you wish to enter for free multiple times you may do so up to any limit placed on the number of entries. Each free entry must be submitted separately stating acceptance of our terms and conditions.

How will I know if I have entered the competition correctly?

A confirmation will be sent via your contact information (Text, Email or Facebook/Instagram direct message)

How long do the competitions run for?

Each competition will vary however this will always be stated on the promotion so please ensure you read the promotion properly!

How do I know how won?

Please go to the winners page and click on the relevant competition where you can see all of our past winners!

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, you can enter the same competition up to 5 times and enter more than one running competition at any time.

Is there a cash alternative?

Not usually. When there is, we make it clear, in the headline and the description – e.g. ‘New iphone or Tax Free Cash’. We are able to offer cash alternatives more regularly on our tech competitions, just ask if you’re unsure.

Can anyone enter the competition?

The competition is open to individuals who are 18 years or older and live in one of our designated catchment areas.

We do not except entries from anyone outside of these areas as the laws for running competitions vary. This competition has been organised to comply with the laws of Ireland.

Also, you cannot enter this competition if you are a relative of any of our suppliers.

What are the prizes?

The prizes are described fully on the website. You can find out more details by clicking here

We reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of an equal or higher value if the prize is unavailable for any reason.

Can I sell the prize if I don’t want it?

If you are the winner, the prize will be yours. You can do what ever you wish with it, including selling it.

How do we draw our competitions once tickets are sold out?

Once our tickets have sold out we have a live draw on our website and on our Facebook page. We use the google random number generator which we use numbers from our competition where a random number will be generated picking our lucky winner.

If I win, do I have to participate in promotional exercises?

No, this is not compulsory. However, with your permission, we would love to share your excitement on our website and social media pages.

Even if you do not want to participate in any promotional exercises, we may have may have to provide your details to the Advertising Standards Authority to prove we have administered the competition and awarded the prize fairly.

Can I get a refund of my entry fee?

We do not offer refunds of entry fees if you get the answer to the question wrong, or if you are disqualified from the competition for any reason.

What happens if all the tickets are not sold?

The draws will go ahead as planned. We believe it is unfair for you to have to wait any longer, and we can’t wait to get the next prize.

I did not receive the email with my login password.

Please check your junk mail / spam mail folder it should be there.

If I win, how and where do I collect the prize from?

All information needed for the winner will be emailed to them directly with clear instruction on what is needed to be done to hand over the prize, if email is not available, we can contact other ways. Please remember your identification as we need to see this before sending any information.

Where do I get my number?

Numbers are allocated at checkout. They will be in your my account page under orders , and also emailed with your receipt.

My question has not been answered here:

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please email us at and we will happily answer them for you.